WELL Leader Program

About the WELL Leader Program

WELLNESS WORKS! is designed to encourage employees to live a healthier lifestyle, to support a healthy workplace, and to create a culture of wellness by focusing on three critical aspects of overall health – Physical, Financial and Interpersonal.  As part of WELLNESS WORKS!, the WELL Leader Program is designed to encourage unit-level support for holistic wellness through a network of faculty and staff volunteers who are dedicated to helping make Texas A&M University a healthier campus.

NEW! - WELL Leader Application Form

This form is used to apply for consideration as a WELL Leader for your Division/College/Unit. Submit completed and signed form to wellness@tamu.edu. 


WELL Leader Program Objectives

  • Increase health awareness and create a culture of health at the ground level
  • Promote WELLNESS WORKS! and champion wellness at the unit level
  • Support the WELLNESS WORKS! program in an effort to help achieve program goals

WELL Leader Responsibilities

  • Serve as an ambassador of the WELLNESS WORKS! program at the unit level
  • Stay informed about WELLNESS WORKS! programs, events, and resources
  • Assist with communicating WELLNESS WORKS! programs through email, displaying printed materials (poster, flyers, etc.) and through word of mouth
  • Recruit and encourage active participation in WELLNESS WORKS! programs and events
  • Promote WELLNESS WORKS!! at department staff meetings
  • Provide feedback, suggestions, and recommendations for program improvements and future considerations
  • Attend periodic networking and training opportunities offered to WELL Leaders through the WELLNESS WORKS! program
  • Attend and participate in Living WELL Aware at Texas A&M programs throughout the 2017 year including monthly meetings with Dr. Patricia Sulak, founder of Living WELL Aware™
  • Network and share ideas with fellow WELL Leaders across the University
  • Lead by example

The WELL LeaderProgram is coordinated by WELLNESS WORKS! in the Division of Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness.  For questions, contact wellness@tamu.edu.

Meet Your WELL Leaders


Debbie Odstrcil Atmospheric Sciences dodstrcil@tamu.edu 
Denise Valero Biology dvalero@bio.tamu.edu 
Kathryn Meyer Bush School of Government & Public Service kjmeyer@tamu.edu
Lisa Burton Career Center lmburton@tamu.edu 
Amy Jurica Hinnant CEHD – Research & Development aggieamy@tamu.edu 
Suzanne Swierc Center on Population Health & Aging swierc@tamhsc.edu 
Laura Jakubik College of Nursing jakubik@tamhsc.edu 
Emily Terral Contract Administration eterral@tamu.edu 
Lisa Payton Contract Administration lpayton@tamu.edu 
Paula Barton Cyclotron Institute pkbarton@comp.tamu.edu 
Laura Root Division of Marketing & Communications laroot@tamu.edu 
Reneé Weidemann  Division of Research r-weidemann@tamu.edu 
Tassie Hermann Environmental Health & Safety thermann@tamu.edu 
Jennifer Slovacek Financial Management Operations jslovacek@tamu.edu
LaVonda Popp Geology & Geophysics lvpopp@tamu.edu 
Mary Johnson History m-johnson@tamu.edu 
Lesley Mizer Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness lmizer@tamu.edu 
Nikki Cavender Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness ncavendar@tamu.edu
Shelia Amos LAUNCH / Honors Program samos@tamu.edu 
Rhonda Faust Mathematics rhonda@math.tamu.edu 
Cynthia Billington Mays Business School Office of the Dean cbillington@mays.tamu.edu
Deyanira Ely Office for Diversity dely@tamu.edu 
Judith Miller Office of Facilities Coordination je-miller@tamu.edu 
LaRhesa Johnson Office of Graduate & Professional Studies lrjohnson@tamu.edu 
Pamela Luckenbill College of Liberal Arts luckenbill@tamhsc.edu 
Scotty Shepherd Office of Information Technology sshepherd@tamhsc.edu 
Kelly Wellman Office of Sustainability kwellman@tamu.edu 
Katherine Houle Office of the President Khoule@tamu.edu 
Dawn Suehs Payroll Services dsuehs@tamu.edu 
Cecelia Gonzales Pharmaceutical Sciences cgonzales@tamhsc.edu 
Roger Martinez Public Partnership & Outreach rmartinez@tamu.edu 
Brianna Johnston Public Policy Research Institute bjohnston@ppri.tamu.edu 
Tiffany Inbody Research Compliance & Biosafety t-inbody@tamu.edu 
Catherine Yancy Research Information Systems c-yancy@tamu.edu 
Deana Strbevski Research Information Systems deanastrbevski@tamu.edu 
Sherri Payne Rural & Community Health Institute slpayne@tamhsc.edu
Kristi Trail School of Law Alumni & External Relations kktrail@law.tamu.edu 
Shawna Smith School of Law Student Affairs s.l.smith@law.tamu.edu 
Kay Keefer Sponsored Research Services kkeefer@tamu.edu 
Shelly Berry-Hebb Sponsored Research Services sberry@tamu.edu
Dylan Murray Student Activities dmurray@stuact.tamu.edu 
Pam Golub Student Health Services pgolub@shs.tamu.edu 
Randy Parker Student Health Services rparker@shs.tamu.edu 
Anna Taggart Student Recreational Center ataggart@rec.tamu.edu 
Pascale Parker Study Abroad Programs Office pparker@tamu.edu 
Francesca Vargas System Engineering / TAMU IT vargasf@tamu.edu 
Sophia Dunlap TAMU Information Technology sophia@tamu.edu 
Noah Nettles Transportation Services nnettles@tamu.edu 
Georgia Hines Undergraduate Studies georgiah@tamu.edu 
Jana Corley University Center & Special Events jana-corley@tamu.edu 
Crystal Vinal University Library cvinal@tamu.edu 
Zackary Chance Medlin University Library zmedzo@library.tamu.edu 
Krystle Murillo University Libraries – Business Services kmurillo@library.tamu.edu 
Tonya Foster Utilities & Energy Services tonyafoster@tamu.edu 
Diana Cover Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital DCover@cvm.tamu.edu 
Janie Weger Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital jweger@cvm.tamu.edu 
Kathleen Darling Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital kdarling@cvm.tamu.edu 
Stephanie Heath Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital sheath@cvm.tamu.edu 
Allison Overton Veterinary Pathobiology aoverton@cvm.tamu.edu 
Griselda Vazquez Veterinary Pathobiology gvazquez@cvm.tamu.edu 
Bridget Sebesta Veterinary Small Animal Clinical Sciences bsebesta@cvm.tamu.edu