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Flourish at Texas A&M will replace WELLNESS WORKS! as the new official employee wellbeing and engagement program for Texas A&M. Learn more.

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WELLNESS WORKS! integrates physical, financial, and interpersonal aspirations that embody a holistic approach to achieving and sustaining a health-conscious workplace.

Free Fitness Sessions

WELLNESS WORKS! has partnered with Texas A&M Rec Sports and Piranha Fitness Studios to offer OVER 30 FREE fitness classes for faculty and staff. 

Nutrition Resources

WELLNESS WORKS! aims to encourage employees to live well-balanced lifestyles and to foster a culture of holistic employee well-being. We have gathered information and resources to assist you in accessing credible and practical nutrition information. Learn more.

Campus Walking/Running Resources

WELLNESS WORKS!  is excited to provide walking (or running) routes throughout the Texas A&M College Station campus in order to encourage you to get up and get moving! These maps provide several measured options for walking breaks throughout the day.  Learn More

Naturally Slim 

Learn how to lose weight and improve your health while eating the foods you love. Naturally Slim on demand lets you apply at any time! There is no cost to use the program. In order to participate in Naturally Slim, you must be an employee, spouse or dependent that is 18 years or older enrolled in the A&M Care, 65 PLUS and/or J plans AND have a BMI over 25. Your eligibility will be determined through a Naturally Slim application process. Visit Naturally Slim to learn more and apply today!”