2017:  WELLNESS WORKS! presented Living WELL Aware at Texas A&M, a dynamic, year-long program held in 2017 that focused on promoting holistic well-being and designed specifically for faculty and staff of Texas A&M University*. Founded and presented by Dr. Patricia J. Sulak, this program delivers revolutionary health information, implementation, and inspiration to move participants on a path of improved quality of life and longevity. The program takes the concept of wellness to a higher level, adding components addressing emotional, social, and spiritual health.

Living WELL Aware at Texas A&M was launched in December 2016 with a Kickstart Conference where conference participants received an overview Dr. Patricia Sulak’s 11 Essential Elements to Health and Happiness, the foundation to the program designed specifically for Texas A&M.  An introductory video of the Living WELL Aware at Texas A&M program is now available through TrainTraq.  This introductory video contains a brief summary of the information that was presented at the Kickstart Conference.  Whether you attended the Kickstart Conferences or not, we invite you to review the introductory video and take part in this innovative, year-long program!

Introductory Video - The course may be found by clicking on the Course Catalog tab and searching for the course title, Living WELL Aware at Texas A&M University Introduction or by following the links below.

  • Texas A&M University, Workstation M – click here.
  • Texas A&M Health Science Center, Workstation H – click here.

Beginning in January 2017, each of the 11 essential elements will be highlighted every month and delivered as training videos in TrainTraq to be viewed at the participants’ discretion.  Each month in 2017, faculty and staff will receive the Living WELL Aware at Texas A&M newsletter which will notify participants when the next element is available for viewing in TrainTraq.  The newsletter will also contain complementary information to help participants focus on living a life of health and happiness along with medical facts to support the recommendations.  In addition to the training videos and newsletters, Living WELL Aware at Texas A&M will include supplemental learning opportunities based on each of the essential elements.  The program will culminate in December 2017 with a 12th element designed exclusively for Texas A&M. 

Kickstart Conference – Promo video available here For those who did not attend the Kickstart Conference, copies of the Living WELL Aware™ workbook are available on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.  Contact wellness@tamu.edu for further information.

Lwa -kickoff

*Due to contractual provisions with Dr. Patricia Sulak, Living WELL Aware at Texas A&M is only available to faculty and staff of Texas A&M University (workstations M and H only).