Transportation & Parking for Fitness Sessions

Rec Parking for Fitness Sessions

Parking is available in Lot 104 (in front of the Rec Center) for 2.5 hours with any valid parking pass and in West Campus Garage after 4:00pm with any valid parking pass. Paid parking is available in both lots at $2 per hour before 5:00pm and $0.50 per hour after 5:00pm.  For additional parking information, please contact Transportation Services at 979.862.PARK.

Purchasing & Stores Building Parking

Parking is available in Lot 76 beginning at 4:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays with any valid parking pass. Additional parking can be found in Lot 88 with any valid parking pass. For additional parking information, please contact Transportation Services at 979.862.PARK.

Piranha Parking

Parking is available in front of Piranha Fitness Studio which is located at 315 College Avenue, College Station, TX 77840 (located off University Dr. behind IHOP).  No parking permit or vehicle tag is required in this area of the parking lot.

General Transportation & Parking Information for Texas A&M

  • Aggie Spirit Transit
    Transit provides a variety of services for the Texas A&M University community. On-Campus service is free to all students, faculty, staff and visitors to Texas A&M. On-Campus service consists of eight routes which move passengers from point to point around campus. The transit service, which require student or employee ID, is used to transport students, faculty and staff to and from campus. Service consists of ten routes which cover Bryan and College Station. Paratransit service is provided for our temporarily and permanently disabled students, faculty and staff. It requires that an application be filed with and approved by Transportation Services. Please view the Transportation Services website for more information on bus Leave Times and Maps.
  • Pay By Space Stations
    Transportation Services has provided parking accommodations for visitors or those without valid parking passes in locations listed on this page. The fee for parking in these areas is posted at the entrance to each parking facility. A limited number of spaces on campus are designated as timed parking and intended for short term parking only. These spaces are designated by signs and/or paint on the curb/space which indicates the period of time someone may park in the space. No permit is required to park in the timed spaces. (Exception to this is Lot 104 where a valid permit is required) These areas are strictly enforced to ensure their availability. Please view the Transportation Services Visitor Parking Map for more information.
  • Night Passes
    Night and weekend parking is available 5:00pm to 6:00am for valid permit holders in unrestricted/unnumbered spaces in most lots except lots 30, 40, 72, 99 and 122. Night and weekend parking at West Campus Garage begins at 4pm, allowing for WELLNESS WORKS! fitness sessions to participate in evening classes at the Rec Center and/or PEAP.
  • aggiEpass
    The aggiEpass is a preloaded parking payment card that allows a customer to access University Center, Central Campus, West Campus and Cain garages without pulling a ticket or paying at the cashier booth or pay stations. Your payment will be deducted from the balance on your card by simply swiping the card to enter and swiping to exit the garage!  NOTE: Make sure to SWIPE IN AND SWIPE OUT at each visit to prevent being overcharged. You can purchase the aggiEpass online through My Account or at the Customer Assistance Center located in 108 Koldus. The minimum initial balance is $25.
  • Any Valid Permit
    With Any Valid Parking Permit WELLNESS WORKS! fitness session participants can park in lots near The Rec Center, PEAP, and the General Services Complex.