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Current events and programs happening for WELLNESS WORKS! 



Free Financial Wellness Counseling on Campus

Both Lincoln Financial and TIAA Financial Group offer Texas A&M employees FREE one-on-one consulting meetings with their financial/retirement advisors in the HROE offices in the General Services Complex, Suite 1201.  Let these professionals help you learn how to take control of your financial health!   RSVP here.

Eat Well, Be Well!  Nutrition Series

The Eat Well, Be Well series was developed to teach adults the importance of nutrition in all aspects of life. Watch the following workshop on our YouTube Channel!

  • Nutrition 101: Nutrition and YOU. 
  • Chronic Disease Prevention & Management 
  • Nutrition through the Life Cycle 
  • Nutrition and Aging
  • Sports Nutrition for Everyday Athlete to Weekend Warrior
  • Mindful Eating


Employee Flu Vaccine Clinics in October & November

HROE has partnered with the Texas A&M Health Community Clinic, the colleges of Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy, and the HSC Office of Interprofessional Education & Outreach to offer flu vaccine clinics for any Texas A&M System employee, their eligible dependents, and retirees who are covered under the A&M Care plan (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas).  No outside insurance will be accepted at this year’s onsite flu vaccine clinics.  October, 17, 24, 26 & November 8.

Full Details HERE!

3D Mammogram Mobile Screening Event

Presented by Assured Imaging Healthcare in Motion
Tuesday, October 23 & Wednesday, October 24 | 8:00 am - 5:00 pm | General Services Complex Lot 88

WELLNESS WORKS! has partnered with Assured Imaging Healthcare in Motion to host an on-campus, digital mammogram screening - no referral necessary. Most major insurance accepted, including Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas. A woman is eligible for a digital mammogram screening if she:

  • Is at least 40 years of age
  • Has not had a previous mammogram in the past year
  • Has no current breast problems or complaints
  • Women between the ages of 35-39 can receive one baseline mammogram without a doctor’s order

To schedule an appointment visit online or call (520) 744-6121 or (888) 233-6121. For questions contact Info@AssuredWW.com.
*Parking is available in Lot 88 with any valid TAMU parking permit.

Diabetes Self-Management Workshop Series (6-week Commitment)

Presented by Center for Population Health and Aging
Beginning Monday, October 22 & Ending Monday, November 26 | 11:00 am - 1:30 pm | GSC Room 101B

WELLNESS WORKS! and the Texas A&M Center for Population Health and Aging invite you to register for a FREE Active for Life® Self-Management Program. This workshop is for anyone living with diabetes, pre-diabetes, or loves someone who does. Active for Life® Self-management workshops compliment clinical care and have positive and lasting results. Workshops meet for six weeks every Monday for about 2.5 hours.  *Please plan to attend all six sessions and bring your lunch!

To register for this workshop, please contact The Center for Population Health and Aging at (979) 436-9336.

Mindfulness Meditation Series

Presented by Executive Professor, John Krajicek
Beginning October 30 & Ending November 27
11:30 am - 1:00 pm | General Services Complex 101A

WELLNESS WORKS! invites you to join us as Executive Professor John Krajicek presents his Mindfulness Meditation series which has been developed to teach the importance of being present and focused in a culture that is training us to be distracted. Living in a constant state of partial attention has significant implications for our physical and mental health, including stress, anxiety, poor diet, and burn out.

One solution to this pervasive problem is mindfulness, a state of mind acquired primarily through the practice of meditation. Research has shown many benefits of mindfulness meditation, including enhanced focus and concentration, improved immune system and brain function, reduced stress and anxiety as well as improved presence and listening skills.

You will not want to miss the interactive lectures, coaching, and strategies that John Krajicek will share with series participants! Drawing on his own personal mindfulness practice, as well as his training in Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), John has taught mindfulness meditation to thousands of students and business executives.

To maximize learning, participation in all six workshops is highly encouraged but not required. These workshops could not be made not available online or through livestream due to the interactive group learning experience offered in each session.

  • Tuesday, October 30
    Why mindfulness? In this introductory session, Professor Krajicek will lead an interactive discussion about the benefits of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation. Register here!
  • Thursday, November 1
    Going to the Gym for the Mind. Our minds are our most valuable resource. In fact, literally everything we experience in life (work, family, hobbies, friends, entertainment, etc.) is mediated through our minds. And yet, how much time do we spend taking care of our minds? Register here!
  • Tuesday, November 6
    Mindfulness and Stress. In this session, we will work specifically with the teachings of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (“MBSR”). MBSR practices can help us be more aware of the impact stress has on our lives, and regain control by making more aware, healthy choices in the face of stress. Register here!
  • Tuesday, November 13
    Mindfulness of the Body. In this session, Professor Krajicek will lead a body scan meditation, which can encourage stronger body awareness. This session is designed to help us, though our minds, take better care of our body. Register here!
  • Tuesday, November 20
    Eating and Walking Meditation. In this session, we will practice both eating meditation and walking meditation. The former is an excellent way to explore our relationship to food, while the latter is an alternative to sitting meditation that many people find easier and extremely beneficial. Register here!
  • Tuesday, November 27
    Why Mindfulness, Part Two. In our final session, we will review the previous five sessions, remind ourselves of the many benefits of mindfulness practice, discuss ways to deepen and sustain our mindfulness practices, and complete the series with a long, guided meditation. Register here!

For information or questions regarding these presentations, please contact WELLNESS WORKS! at wellness@tamu.edu


Employee Health and Wellness Fair 

Thursday, November 8 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm | Student Recreation Center (use south entry)

Join us for the 2018 Texas A&M Employee Health & Wellness Fair hosted by WELLNESS WORKS! The fair will be a come and go, conference-style event with lunch provided at the keynote session presented by John Krajicek, Executive Professor and Assistant Director of Business Communication Studies for the MBA and EMBA Programs at Mays Business School.

Additionally, participants will be able to: 

  • Visit the exhibit hall with various wellness-related booths
  • Get a flu vaccine
  • Participate in a sleep demonstration
  • Attend employee fitness sessions
  • Attend presentations on various health topics and innovations in wellness
  • Win prizes
  • And more!

Full details coming soon!